Lough Key Forest Park Sli Loop

The Lough Key Forest Park Sli Loop takes full advantage of vast estate, predominantly covered by forest and woodland with both broadleaf and conifer trees growing within the Park. The broadleaf trees include ash, oak, beech, lime, sycamore and horse chestnut, while the most prominent conifers are Norway spruce, Sitka spruce, Scots pine and the magnificent western red cedar.



  • Numerous walks and trails through Lough Key Forest Park enable exploration of the Park's unique, natural and historical features from its 19th century parkland with majestic trees, follies, bridges and canals to the native woodlands, Bog Garden and forests. 
  • A wealth of historical and archaeological points of interest can be found throughout the Park including ringforts, a souterrain, Fishing Pavilion, Fairy Bridge, Wishing Chair, Ice House, Stables and Estate Chapel.
  • With its diverse habitats the Park is home to many species of wildlife.  Wild flowers in the Park include bluebell, wild garlic, wood anemone, ragged robin, summer snowflake, wood sorrel, primrose, yellow iris and meadow sweet. Mammals present include the fallow deer, fox, hare, rabbit, red squirrel and stoat, while the bat, otter and badger are mainly active at night, 
  • Birds to be seen along the lakeshore include the heron, swan, mallard and tufted duck, while the jay, pheasant, wren and blue-tit are common throughout the Park. Moorhen, robin and the colourful kingfisher are most visible along the canal banks.



Lough Key Forest Park Sli Loop



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