Amy's mooning over PE teacher Bressie in new series

Amy's mooning over PE teacher Bressie in new series

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Actress Amy Huberman and 'Voice of Ireland' coach Niall Breslin took a trip back in time for their cameos in Chris O'Dowd's series 'Moone

The two underwent an unflattering 1990s makeover before appearing on set.

"They had Bressie in his awful '90s gym gear, which was hilarious," Amy said. "He's actually a really good actor."

She plays the part of scatty art teacher and the apple of lead character Martin Moone's eye, Miss Tivnan.

While Martin is besotted with Miss Tivnan, she's much more interested in the advances of PE teacher Brian, played by Bressie.

The new series of award-winning 'Moone Boy' began this week and received a positive reaction from fans who relished the Italia '90 script references.

David Rawle, who plays Martin, says he is still getting used to being recognised. "It's kind of embarrassing, people come over and they're like, 'Are you Moone Boy?'

"And when I say, 'Yes', they're like, 'That's class, can I have a picture?' They take a picture and then they tell their mates and everyone has a camera phone these days, so it's click, click, click, click. It's fun but it can be scary".

The series is based on actor Chris O'Dowd's upbringing in the town of Boyle, Roscommon.

"He's so funny and always laughing and making jokes," David said. "He's so talented as well."

Several well-known Irish actors have made cameos in the series but David said Chris O'Dowd should enlist the help of more of his LA friends in the next series. "I'd like Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell, because it would be so much fun," he said.

The episode featuring Amy Huberman and Bressie will air on Sky 1 on Monday night.

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